Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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The collection framework defines classes to provide various types of containers, primarily list (MGcoArrayList) and hash table (MGcoHashTable) implementation. These containers are more general than IDL_Container, in that they allow elements of any IDL type instead of just objects.

Author information


Michael Galloy


BSD licensed

.pro files

Returns maximum of an array or object which supports FOREACH loops.

Returns minimum of an array or object which supports FOREACH loops.

Define member variables.

Abstract class to define a list interface.

An array list is a way to have an arbitrary length list of any particular IDL variable (but all elements must be the same type).

This class provides a nice way to iterate through all the elements of an array list.

A hash table which can hash any kind of IDL variables.

This class represents an array where each element is another array (of differing sizes).


Personal library of Michael Galloy
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