Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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includes main-level program

top source mg_filename

result = mg_filename( [filename] [, object=object] [, _ref_extra=keywords])

Compose and/or decompose a filename.


filename in optional type=string



object out optional type=object

object reference of the underlying MGffFilename object; this object will be destroyed if it is not requested using this keyword

_ref_extra in out optional type=keywords

keywords to MGffFilename::init


Try the main-level example program at the end of this file:

IDL> .run mg_filename
It should do:
IDL> f = mg_filename('a.dat', subdir=['b', 'c'], $ IDL> basename=basename, extension=extension, $ IDL> dirname=dirname, directories=directories) IDL> IDL> print, f, format='(%"Filename: %s")' Filename: b/c/a.dat IDL> IDL> print, basename, format='(%"Basename: %s")' Basename: a.dat IDL> print, extension, format='(%"Extension: %s")' Extension: dat IDL> IDL> print, dirname, format='(%"Directory: %s")' Directory: b/c/ IDL> print, strjoin(directories, ', '), format='(%"Directories: %s")' Directories: b, c

File attributes

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