Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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includes main-level program

top source mg_called_routines

result = mg_called_routines(file [, count=long] [, bridge=object])

Finds the routines (normal functions and procedures) needed for the code inside a file i.e. the routines it calls, the routines those routines call, etc.

Return value

string array of routine names


file in required type=string

file basename without the .pro extension to resolve for called routines


count out optional type=long

number of called routines found

bridge in out optional type=object

IDL_IDLBridge object used to resolve routines; if a bridge is not passed in, one is created; if a named variable is passed, the bridge object will be passed back to the caller, otherwise the bridge is destroyed

Other attributes


Because RESOLVE_ALL is called to compile all the routines called from within the given routine, RESOLVE_ALL is always present in the resolved routines. It and its helper UNIQ are removed from the output (but may actually be present).

File attributes

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