Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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top source mg_get_url_content

result = mg_get_url_content(url [, error_message=string] [, /response_code] [, response_header=string] [, _extra=keywords])

Get the content for the given URL.

Return value

string, strarr


url in required type=string

complete URL to get content for, including "http://"


error_message out optional type=string

pass a named variable, will be set to a non empty string if an error occurs in getting the content of the URL (in which case the return value will be the empty string)

response_code out optional type=boolean

response code for get attempt, 200 is OK

response_header out optional type=string

response header for get attempt

_extra in optional type=keywords

properties of IDLnetURL

File attributes

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