Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: objects/

This directory contains useful for routines for handling objects.

In particular, IDL_Object is a class which provides an empty stub definition so that classes that inherit from IDL_Object will compile in versions before IDL 8.0. Similarly, MG_N_ELEMENTS provides a way to find the number of elements of a variable of type object, i.e., to distinguish between an object which inherits from IDL_Object and an object array.

MG_CLASS_HIERARCHY prints the class hierarchy for an object or class. MG_Object is a base class (inheriting from IDL_Object) which provides a few conveniences.

.pro files

This class is used to inherit from in IDL versions before 8.0, allowing operator overloaded classes to still compile on earlier versions (though not to offer operator overloading, of course).

Retrieves or prints a class hierarchy for an object or classname.

In IDL 8.0, the number of elements of an object can be overloaded with the _overloadSize method for objects which inherit from IDL_Object.

Base class for objects to add a few introspection methods such as ::help and ::toString.


Personal library of Michael Galloy
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