Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: textmarkup/

Classes for converting between text markup styles: rst, LaTex, and HTML.

.pro files

Filters a line to make it safe for LaTeX output, i.e., escaping certain characters with backslashes.

Print the contents of a markup tree.

Get the first line of text given a markup tree and return it as another markup tree (copying nodes in the original tree where necessary).

Destination class to output DocBook.

Destination class to output HTML.

Parent class for different output classes, i.e., HTML, LaTeX, rst.

Destination class to output LaTeX.

Base class for any objects in a text markup hierarchy, i.e., tags and text objects.

Destination class to output plain text.

Destination class to output reStructuredText.

Define a tag node.

A MGtmText object is a MGtmNode that contains text.


Personal library of Michael Galloy
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