Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: dist_tools/

The dist_tools package is a collection of routines useful in several areas when creating applications for distribution to others.

The main directory ./ provides basic routines that are extremely valuable whenever distributing an application like the MG_SRC_ROOT routine, MGffPrefs class, or MG_IDLVERSION routine. The MG_LOG routine and MGffLogger class provide a mechanism for logging in applications.


To get the current version of the dist_tools, use a Subversion client to grab the current trunk of the repository. For example, to use the command line svn command from a system prompt:

$ svn co dist_tools

Author information


Michael Galloy


BSD license


.pro files

Compares two version numbers for the more updated number.

Determines if a given routine is available to call.

Returns the IDL version number as a string or a boolean indicating whether a required version is met.

Includes the contents of the given batch file at the calling level.

MG_LOG is a procedural interface to the logging framework.

Create a UNIX wrapper script to call an IDL routine.

Wrapper for MAKE_DLL that handles input and output directories more intelligently.

MG_MAKE_RT can build a cross-platform runtime distribution.

An object to facilitate parsing of command line options.

Returns the platform extension used by the PLATFORM_EXTENSION keyword to MAKE_DLL.

Routine to resolve a given routine without crashing.

Returns the absolute directory name (with a trailing slash) of the location of the source code for the routine that called this function.

Creates a list of files required to run the specified routines.

Wrapper for MG_USE to be called from the command line.

Logger object to control logging.

Class responsible for storing and retrieving preferences.

Personal library of Michael Galloy
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