Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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top mg_onlinehelp_lookup

result = mg_onlinehelp_lookup(name [, /found] [, type=long] [, root_url=])

Determine if a name represents an IDL library function, procedure, or class and return the URL to the online help if it does.

Return value

string URL or '' if symbol not found


name in required type=string

name of function, procedure, or class to lookup


found out optional type=boolean

set to a named variable to return whether the name was found

type out optional type=long

set to a named variable to return the type of the matching name; -1 = unknown, 1 = function, 2 = procedure, 3 = other

root_url in optional type=

root URL for documentation, change to specify a different copy of the documentation

File attributes

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