Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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file i/o, netcdf, sdf

includes main-level program

Routine for extracting datasets, slices of datasets, or attributes from an netCDF file with simple notation.


An example file is provided with the IDL distribution:

IDL> sample_filename = file_which('')
A full variable can be pulled out of the file easily:
IDL> im = mg_nc_getdata(sample_filename, '/image')
Or an attribute:
IDL> title = mg_nc_getdata(sample_filename, '/image.TITLE')
You can use basic IDL array notations to retrieve a portion of an array:
IDL> line = mg_nc_getdata(sample_filename, '/image[*, 256]')
And then display:
IDL> dims = size(im, /dimensions) IDL> window, /free, title=title, xsize=dims[0], ysize=dims[1] IDL> tvscl, im IDL> window, /free, title='Profile at row = 256', xsize=600, ysize=200 IDL> plot, line, yrange=[0, 255], xstyle=9, ystyle=9 This example is available as a main-level program included in this file:
IDL> .run mg_nc_getdata

Author information


Michael Galloy

Other file information


better error messages when items not found access for global attributes


top mg_nc_getdata

result = mg_nc_getdata(filename, descriptor [, bounds=lonarr(3, ndims) or string] [, error=long])

Pulls out a section of a netCDF variable.

Return value

data array


filename in required type=string

filename of the netCDF file

descriptor in required type=string

descriptor for variable/attribute name (with path if inside a group)


bounds in optional type=lonarr(3, ndims) or string

gives start value, end value, and stride for each dimension of the variable

error out optional type=long

error value, 0 indicates success

File attributes

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