Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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includes main-level program


top mg_clineprofile

mg_clineprofile, profile_file [, output_directory=string] [, files=strarr] [, /all_files]

Creates color coded HTML output of line profiling output.


profile_file in required type=string

filename for profile output from gprof


output_directory in optional type=string default=current directory

directory to place output into, defaults to the current directory

files in optional type=strarr

array of filenames listed in the profile output to create output for

all_files in optional type=boolean

set to create output for all files listed in the profile output


For example, to profile the results output by grof in the file profile_results/profile.aasquare_PlateRad000.txt, where the source code files are in the current directory, use:

mg_clineprofile, 'profile_results/profile.aasquare_PlateRad000.txt', $ output_dir='profile_output', $ /all_files

File attributes

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