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top mg_updater

result = mg_updater(url [, current_version=string] [, name=string] [, /development_builds] [, releases=structure] [, error=long] [, response_code=long] [, _extra=keywords])

Reads release notes available via a URL to determine if there are new versions available.

Return value

1 if needs to be updated, 0 if not


url in required type=string

URL to check for releases notes


current_version in optional type=string default=0.0

current version to check if there are later releases

name in optional type=string

name of distribution

development_builds in optional type=boolean

set to check for development builds as well as releases with versions

releases out optional type=structure

array of available releases:

{ version: '', date: '', description: '' }

error out optional type=long

set to a named variable to retrieve error status: 0 if OK, 1 if not

response_code out optional type=long

set to a named variable to retrieve the response code

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to MG_GET_URL_CONTENT

File attributes

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