Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: vis/images/

routines for display of images


.pro files

Base64 encode a byte-valued array, splitting it into rows of column_size characters delimited by the platform newline characters.

Blend two images together using the given alpha channel.

Decodes a PNG byte stream to a 2- or 3-dimensional image array.

Create a PNG byte stream of a 2- or 3-dimensional image.

Displays an image scaled to a "reasonable" size with x- and y-axes.

Flips an image upside down (for all interleaves).

Return the x and y size of the given image array.

Resize an image similarly to CONGRID.

Converts an image in one TRUE format to another.

Piecewise-linearly scale an image.

Personal library of Michael Galloy
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