Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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object graphics, widget utility

includes main-level program

GUI for manipulating a scene, including rotating, translating, and scaling a model within it, then drawing the scene to POV-Ray input files.

To rotate the scene, click and drag using the left mouse button. To translate the scene, click and drag the middle mouse button. To scale the scene, click and drag the right mouse button (towards the center to shrink, away from the center to expand).

The buttons in the toolbar write the POV-Ray files and spawn POV-Ray to run on the exported files, respectively. Changing the size of the display via the droplist or by dragging the corner of the window changes the size of the output image.

Other file information


* add run on subset feature (rubberband box) * draw line to center when zooming

Class description for mgwidpovray


Properties in mgwidpovray

dimensions init

size of graphics display


top mg_xpovray

mg_xpovray, view [, model=IDLgrModel reference] [, dimensions=lonarr(2)]

Launch the POV-Ray application.


view in required type=IDLgrView

view to display


model in optional type=IDLgrModel reference

model to rotate, translate, and scale; if not specified, gets first model in the hierarchy

dimensions in optional type=lonarr(2)

size of graphics display

File attributes

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