Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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includes main-level program


top mg_relief

result = mg_relief(elevation [, dimensions=lonarr(2)] [, color_table=long] [, _extra=keywords])

Create simple relief visualization for an elevation data set.

Return value

bytarr(3, xsize, ysize)


elevation in required type=fltarr(m, n)

elevations to make relief for


dimensions in optional type=lonarr(2) default=[m, n]

dimensions of output image, defaults to size of input elevation array

color_table in optional type=long

color table number

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to MGgrPalette::loadct


Try the main-level example program at the end of this file:

IDL> .run mg_relief
This should produce:

File attributes

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