Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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includes main-level program


top mg_pinknoise

result = mg_pinknoise(m, n [, power=double])

Generates 1/f^a noise. By default, it generates 1/f noise i.e. pink noise.

Return value

dblarr(m, n)


m in required type=long

size of first dimension

n in required type=long

size of second dimension


power in optional type=double default=1.0

the a in 1/f^a noise


This generates pink noise:

tvscl, mg_pinknoise(512, 256)
Pink noise looks like:

Other 1/f^a noise can be generated using the POWER keyword:

tvscl, mg_pinknoise(512, 256, power=1.8)
This noise looks like:

For POWER=2.4:

File attributes

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