Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: widgets/

The routines and classes in the widgets directory make creating an "object widget" easy. All that must be done is to create a subclass of MGwidObjectWidget, for example MGwidDemoObjectWidget:

pro mgwiddemoobjectwidget__define compile_opt strictarr define = { MGwidDemoObjectWidget, inherits MGwidObjectWidget} end
The init method would typically call the parent init method, create/realize the widget hierarchy, and finally start XMANAGER:
function mgwiddemoobjectwidget::init, _extra=e compile_opt strictarr if (~self->mgwidobjectwidget::init(_extra=e)) then return, 0 self->create_widgets self->realize_widgets self->start_xmanager return, 1 end
It is important that the create_widgets method store the top-level base's widget identifier in self.tlb and put self in the tlb's UVALUE:
pro mgwiddemoobjectwidget::create_widgets compile_opt strictarr self.tlb = widget_base(uvalue=self) ; create rest of widget hierarchy end
Override handle_events to write event handlers:
pro mgwiddemoobjectwidget::handle_events, event compile_opt strictarr uname = widget_info(, /uname) ; do event handling... end


.pro files

Generic cleanup for writing object widget programs.

Generic event handler for writing object widget programs.

This is a base class to inherit from to create an object widget.

Personal library of Michael Galloy
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