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top source mg_file_which

result = mg_file_which( [path], file [, /include_current_dir] [, /all])

Wrapper for FILE_WHICH, but has an ALL keyword to find all matches.

Return value



path in optional type=string

path to search, delimited by path_sep(/search_path)

file in required type=string

file to search for, may include wildcards


include_current_dir in optional type=boolean

set to include current directory in the search path

all in optional type=boolean

set to return all matches instead of just the first one


For example, try:

IDL> print, mg_file_which('', /all) /Users/mgalloy/projects/dist_tools/src/collection/ /Users/mgalloy/projects/idllib/src/collection/ /Users/mgalloy/projects/mgunit/src/dist_tools/collection/ /Users/mgalloy/projects/idldoc/src/collection/ /Users/mgalloy/projects/idldoc/src/dist_tools/collection/ /Users/mgalloy/projects/idldoc/src/collection/ /Users/mgalloy/projects/idldoc/src/dist_tools/collection/

File attributes

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