Tools for distributing IDL applications

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MG_MAKE_RT can build a cross-platform runtime distribution.

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Michael Galloy

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make a table of all possible combinations of platforms and test

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mg_make_rt, appname, outdir [, idldir=string] [, logfile=string] [, app_manifest=string] [, manifest=string] [, /overwrite] [, savefile=string] [, /vm] [, /embedded] [, /dataminer] [, /dicomex] [, /hires_maps]

Wrapper for MAKE_RT. MG_MAKE_RT will automatically use all the platforms which are available in the $IDL_DIR/bin directory. The params/keywords are the same as for MAKE_RT, except all the platform specifying ones are omitted since they are no longer needed.


appname in required type=string

name of the application

outdir in required type=string

directory to place output in; this directory must exist and must use the OVERWRITE keyword if this directory is not empty


idldir in optional type=string default=!dir

specify IDL distribution which the files should be copied from

logfile in optional type=string default=outdir/appname/log.txt

full path to log file produced while generating the runtime distribution

app_manifest in optional type=string

specify a manifest of application files

manifest in optional type=string default=!DIR/bin/make_rt/manifest_rt.txt

specify a manifest file

overwrite in optional type=boolean

set to overwrite existing files instead of generating an error

savefile in optional type=string

full path to save file to be launched; if nothing specified, then a file selection dialog will be displayed

vm in optional type=boolean

set to automatically run in virtual machine mode instead of attempting runtime

embedded in optional type=boolean

set to launch savefile in embedded license mode

dataminer in optional type=boolean

set to include support for Dataminer

dicomex in optional type=boolean

set to include support for IDLffDicomEx objects

hires_maps in optional type=boolean

set to include support for high resolution maps

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IDL 7.1

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