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top source mg_help

mg_help, var [, indent=string] [, tag_name=string]

Prints out help information for a variable. Recursively descends through a nested structure.


var in required type=any

variable to print information about


indent in optional type=string

spaces to indent output

tag_name in optional type=string

name of tag, if variable is a tag of a parent structure


For example, try:

IDL> mg_help, { s1: { f1: 0., f2: 0., s2: { f3: 0. } } } ** Structure <21068a8>, 1 tags, length=12, data length=12, refs=1: S1: ** Structure <2106748>, 3 tags, length=12, data length=12, refs=2: F1 FLOAT = 0.00000 F2 FLOAT = 0.00000 S2: ** Structure <21063e8>, 1 tags, length=4, data length=4, refs=2: F3 FLOAT = 0.00000

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