Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: net/

A collection of routines for working with network connections.

.pro files

Decode a string in Base64, performs the inverse operation as MG_BASE64ENCODE.

Encode a string using Base64, performs the inverse operation as MG_BASE64DECODE.

Build the mg_net DLM.

Makes a string safe for inclusion in an XML file by expanding special characters into their XML entities.

Get the content for the given URL.

Get a password from the command line.

Hash the input string using MD5.

Open an URL in the default web browser.

Replace special characters in the input string using the %xx escape codes.

Class representing a URI request: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE, and CONNECT.

The MGnetSocket class implements client and server-side internet sockets using the TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocols.

NAME: mgnetsocket_Example

Object that converts strings to values that are safe to use in URLs.


.dlm files

Personal library of Michael Galloy
Contact me if you have enhancement requests or bug fixes.