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xml, fileio

includes main-level program

MG_XML_BROWSER is a widget program to browse the contents of an XML file (either a local file or an URL).


Both local files and URLs can be accessed. For example, to load an example XML file that comes with IDL, do:

planets = filepath('planets.xml', subdir=['examples', 'data']) mg_xml_browser, planets
This should result in something like:

To browse an XML file from the Internet, try:

url = '' mg_xml_browser, url, /url
This should result in something like:

Author information


Michael Galloy

Class description for mg_xml_browser_parser



Properties in mg_xml_browser_parser

root init


top mg_xml_browser

mg_xml_browser, filename [, /url]

Start a widget program to browse an XML file.


filename in required type=string

filename or URL to browse


url in optional type=boolean

set to specify an URL instead of a local filename for the filename positional parameter

File attributes

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