Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: introspection/

routines for inspecting variables and routines


.pro files

Handle an argument to a routine.

Finds the routines (normal functions and procedures) needed for the code inside a file i.e.

Determine the names of the IDL library routines.

Determines if a structure has a given tag name.

Information about the current state of the heap.

Prints out help information for a variable.

Print the declaration string for a variable.

Determines if the argument is an array.

Determines if the argument is an integer type.

Determines if the argument is a scalar.

Determine if a name represents an IDL library function, procedure, or class and return the URL to the online help if it does.

Compare two structures for equality.

Create a thumbnail image of a simple visualization of the data.

Returns a nice string name for the given type code.

Returns the size in bytes of a variable of the given type code.

Returns a string that gives the IDL declaration for the type of the given variable.

Personal library of Michael Galloy
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