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top mg_nc_decompose

result = mg_nc_decompose(file_id, descriptor [, parent_type=long] [, parent_id=long], group_id=group_id [, element_name=string] [, /write] [, error=long])

Determines the type of element described by descriptor, i.e., invalid (0), attribute (1), variable (2), or group (3).

Note: this routine will create required groups if WRITE is set.

Return value

element type code as a long


file_id in required type=long

netCDF file identifier, should be open for writing if WRITE is set

descriptor in required type=string

string description of attribute, variable, or group


parent_type out optional type=long

element type code for parent element, can only 2 or 3

parent_id out optional type=long

netCDF identifier for parent element

element_name out optional type=string

name of the element being described

write in optional type=boolean

set to create required groups in file (attributes or variables are not created by this routine)

error out optional type=long

set to a named variable to return the error status, 0 indicates no error

File attributes

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