Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: vis/color/

routines for dealing with specifying colors and color tables


.pro files

Get an RGB color value for the specified color name.

Converts a GMT color table file to an RGB color table.

Create a new color table file suitable for use with MODIFYCT, LOADCT, XLOADCT, and IDLgrPalette::loadCT.

Calculate a "cube helix" color table and set the current direct graphics color table (unless RGB_TABLE is present).

Panes: color circle, slides (in BW, RGB, HSV, HSB, CMYK), listing of color names

Converts color indices to RGB coordinates.

Load a color table by index.

Create a color table based on starting and ending colors (or optionally, a center color) and linearly interpolating.

Convert RGB coordinates of colors to the decomposed color indices of the colors.

Load a color table by index using a GUI interface.

Subclass of IDLgrPalette with more color table choices.

.idldoc files

cpt-city color tables
Personal library of Michael Galloy
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