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includes main-level program


top mg_cubehelix

mg_cubehelix [, start=float] [, rotations=float] [, hue=float] [, gamma=float] [, ncolors=int] [, rgb_table=bytarr(256, 3)]

Calculate a "cube helix" color table and set the current direct graphics color table (unless RGB_TABLE is present). Based on the FORTRAN 77 code provided in D.A. Green, 2011, BASI, 39, 289.

From the example code in the paper: "Calculates a 'cube helix' colour table. The colors are a tapered helix around the diagonal of the [R, G, B] color cube, from black [0,0,0] to white [1, 1, 1]. Deviations away from the diagonal vary quadratically, increasing from zero at black, to a maximum, then decreasing to zero at white, all the time rotating in colour."

With the defaults, the cube helix color table looks like:

With ROTATIONS=-1., the cube helix color table looks like:


start in optional type=float default=0.5

start color (1=red, 2=green, 3=blue), e.g., 0.5=purple

rotations in optional type=float default=-1.5

rotations in color, typically -1.5 to 1.5, e.g., -1.0 is one blue to green to red cycle

hue in optional type=float default=1.0

hue intensity scaling, in the range 0 (BW) to 1; to be strictly correct, larger values may be OK with particular start/end colors

gamma in optional type=float default=1.0

set the gamma correction for intensity

ncolors in optional type=int default=!d.table_size

number of colors to output

rgb_table out optional type=bytarr(256, 3)

set to a named variable to retrieve the color table as an array containing the color table values instead of setting the current color table


Create the default cube helix color table and display it in a direct graphics window:

IDL> mg_cubehelix IDL> device, decomposed=0 IDL> tv, bindgen(256) # (bytarr(10) + 1B)

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Derived from James R.A. Davenport's CUBEHELIX routine

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