Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

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includes main-level program


top mg_psbegin

mg_psbegin [, /image] [, charsize=float] [, thick=float] [, symsize=float] [, xsize=long] [, ysize=long] [, /retina] [, _extra=keywords]

Set IDL direct graphics system to PostScript plotting.


image in optional type=boolean

set to configure PostScript with a few defaults specific to converting the PostScript output to an image format later

charsize in optional type=float default=1.0

default CHARSIZE to use

thick in optional type=float default=1.0

default THICK to use

symsize in optional type=float default=1.0

default SYMSIZE to use

xsize in optional type=long default=IDL_GR_XWIDTH value

width of the PS device

ysize in optional type=long default=IDL_GR_XHEIGHT value

height of the PS device

retina in optional type=boolean

set to double XSIZE, YSIZE (and default !p.charsize and !p.symsize values for images)

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to DEVICE to configure the PostScript device


Running the main-level program attached to this program:

IDL> .run mg_psbegin
Should produce the following image:

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