Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: vis/lineplots/

routines for creating various types of line plots


.pro files

Create a box and whisker plot, also called a boxplot.

Create a simple bubblechart.

Build the lineplots DLM.

Returns a checkerboard pattern suitable for use with the PATTERN keyword to POLYFILL.

Based on the paper "Data Vases: Plots for Visualizing Multiple Time Series" by Sidharth Thakur and Theresa-Marie Rhyne.

Create a histogram plot.

Horizons graph squeeze many line plots into a single graph by folding the graph into bands and color coding them.

Create a line plot.

Wrapper for PLOT with better defaults.

Calculates the optimal aspect ratio for a plot of the given values.

Wrapper to PLOTS to specify COLOR and THICK on a per point basis.

Display a 3-dimensional scatter plot.

Create a matrix of scatter plots.

Produce a comparison chart as shown in the examples section.

Creates a dichotomous sparkline as a PNG image file.

Writes a sparkline plot to a PNG file.

Produce a spectrogram of the given time series.

Plot a stepchart i.e.

Produce a ternary plot.

Create a theme river style plot.

Create an xkcd-style line.

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