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includes main-level program

Class description for mg_fonts_tt


top mg_fonts

mg_fonts [, install=struct/struct array] [, tt_available=strarr]

Utility to query fonts available in the system.


install in optional type=struct/struct array

set to a structure or array of structures of type:

{ mg_fonts_tt, $ name: 'Helvetica', $ filename: 'tt0003m_.ttf', $ direct_size: 0.746957, $ object_size: 1.0 }
where filename is a full path to the TrueType font

tt_available out optional type=strarr

set to a named variable to return the names of the currently available TrueType fonts


For example, to find the names of the TrueType fonts available to use with the SET_FONT keyword to DEVICE, use:

IDL> mg_fonts, tt_available=tt_available IDL> print, transpose(tt_available) IDL> device, set_font=tt_available[-1], /tt_font IDL> xyouts, 0.5, 0.5, 'Hello!', alignment=0.5, charsize=6.0, font=1

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