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includes main-level program

Example program demonstrating the use of VIS_LIC. Run the main-level example program with:

IDL> .run vis_lic
The first image is the direct output of VIS_LIC:

The next image introduces color by using HSV color coordinates with hue equal to red, saturation equal to the vector field magnitude, and value equal to VIS_LIC output:

The third image uses a color table to display the magnitude over the VIS_LIC output:

The second set of images are done with a smoothed instead of a random texture:

top vis_lic

vis_lic, u, v [, texture=bytarr(m, n)]

Compute the line integral convolution for a vector field.


u in required type=fltarr(m, n)

x-coordinates of vector field

v in required type=fltarr(m, n)

y-coordinates of vector field


texture in optional type=bytarr(m, n)

random texture map; it is useful to use the same texture map for generating frames of a movie

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