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includes main-level program

top vis_gc_scatter

result = vis_gc_scatter(x, y [, xrange=fltarr(2)] [, yrange=fltarr(2)] [, sym_size=fltarr(n)] [, dimensions=lonarr] [, url=string])

Scatter plot using Google Charts API.

Return value

bytarr(3, xsize, ysize)


x in required type=fltarr

x-coordinate data

y in required type=fltarr

y-coordinate data


xrange in optional type=fltarr(2)

x-coordinate range of data

yrange in optional type=fltarr(2)

y-coordinate range of data

sym_size in optional type=fltarr(n)

size of each point in the scatter plot

dimensions in optional type=lonarr default=[200, 100]

size of output image

url out optional type=string

URL used by Google Charts API


Run the main-level example program:

IDL> .run vis_gc_scatter
It should generate:

Other attributes


IDL 6.4

File attributes

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