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Michael Galloy

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direct graphics

includes main-level program

Displays an image scaled to a "reasonable" size with x- and y-axes.


For example, create an example image using VIS_LIC and display with appropriate axes scale labels:

scale = 4L restore, filepath('globalwinds.dat', subdir=['examples','data']) u = rebin(u, 128L * scale, 64L * scale) v = rebin(v, 128L * scale, 64L * scale) x = rebin(x, 128L * scale) y = rebin(y, 64L * scale) im = vis_lic(u, v) vis_image, im, x, y, xticks=4, yticks=4, /interp, /axes, /new_window
This should produce output like:

Author information


Michael Galloy

Other file information


adjustment for line thickness is not correct; add XLOG and YLOG keywords

top vis_image

vis_image, im [, x] [, y] [, true=long] [, stretch=float] [, /axes] [, scale=float] [, /new_window] [, /no_scale] [, /no_data] [, position=fltarr(4)] [, xmargin=fltarr(2)] [, ymargin=fltarr(2)] [, charsize=float] [, ticklen=float] [, _extra=keywords]

Displays an image scaled to a "reasonable" size with optional x- and y-axes.


im in required type=image array

image array

x in optional type=fltarr default=bindgen(xsize)

x-axis values

y in optional type=fltarr default=bindgen(ysize)

y-axis values


true in optional type=long

Set to 0 for (m, n) array images, 1 for (3, m, n), 2 for (m, 3, n), and 3 for (m, n, 3).

If TRUE is not present, VIS_IMAGE_GETSIZE will attempt to guess the size. 2D images will automatically be set to TRUE=0; 3D images' dimensions will be searched for a size 3 dimension.

stretch in optional type=float

set to a value between 0. and 100. to stretch the histogram

axes in optional type=boolean

set to display axes around the image

scale in optional type=float default=1.0

set to scale the creation of a new window to a fraction of the image size

new_window in optional type=boolean

set to create a new window of the correct size as the image

no_scale in optional type=boolean

set to not scale the image values into the display range

no_data in optional type=boolean

set to not diplay the image

position in optional type=fltarr(4)

position of the image display, [xstart, ystart, xend, yend]

xmargin in optional type=fltarr(2)

margin on left and right in character units

ymargin in optional type=fltarr(2)

margin on bottom and top in character units

charsize in optional type=float default=1.0

multiplier for size of characters

ticklen in optional type=float default=-0.02

length of tickmarks in normalized window units

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to PLOT, CONGRID, or WINDOW routines

File attributes

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