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top vis_image_resize

result = vis_image_resize(im, xsize, ysize [, true=long] [, _extra=keywords])

Resize an image similarly to CONGRID. Advantage over CONGRID is that nearest neighbor interpolation is used even for multiple band images.

Return value

the resized image


im in required type=image array

input image array; if the image has multiple bands, use the TRUE keyword to specify which dimension contains the channels

xsize in required type=long

xsize of the output image

ysize in required type=long

ysize of the output image


true in optional type=long

set to specify which dimensions contains the channels; TRUE=0 is for m by n images, TRUE=1 is for 3 by m by n images, TRUE=2 is for m by 3 by n images, TRUE=3 is for m by n by 3 images; default is to guess that the first dimension of size 3 is the number of channels

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to CONGRID

File attributes

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