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direct graphics

includes main-level program

Create a box and whisker plot, also called a boxplot. Then boxplot for a set of values displays the smallest observation, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, and largest observation. In our case symbols, mark each value shown and a line connects the lower quartile to the upper quartile (through the median, of course).


Run the main-level program at the end of this file:

IDL> .run vis_boxplot
This should produce something like:

Other file information


handle outliers: values 1.5 IQR (interquartile range, the range between lower and upper quartiles) or more below the lower quartile or 1.5 or more above the upper quartile; values beyond 3.0 IQR are "extreme" outliers

make horizontal boxplots

top vis_boxplot

vis_boxplot, data [, x] [, color=color] [, line_color=color] [, symbol_color=color] [, psym=long] [, _extra=keywords]

Create a box and whisker plot.


data in required type=fltarr(m, n)

data to plot where each column represents a dataset which corresponds to a Tukey boxplot symbol in the output

x in optional type=fltarr(m)

values for the x-axis


color in optional type=color

default color of the foreground elements: axis, lines, and symbols

line_color in optional type=color

overrides COLOR for the color of the line through the second and third quartiles

symbol_color in optional type=color

overrides COLOR for the color of the symbols

psym in optional type=long default=7

plotting symbol to use for the symbols

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to PLOT and PLOTS

File attributes

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