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direct graphics

includes main-level program

Horizons graph squeeze many line plots into a single graph by folding the graph into bands and color coding them. The reduced vertical space allows for more datasets to be compared and anomolies to be spotted more quickly. They are based on the following description:

For example, this routine can produce the following plot:

top vis_horizon

vis_horizon, x, data [, titles=strarr(nseries)] [, nbands=long] [, minimum=numeric] [, maximum=numeric] [, ystyle=bitmask] [, colors=bytarr(nbands)] [, _extra=keywords]

Plot a horizon graph.


x in required type=fltarr(npoints)

x-values for all the datasets

data in required type=fltarr(nseries, npoints)



titles in optional type=strarr(nseries)

y-axis titles for series

nbands in optional type=long default=6

number of bands to break data into, must be even

minimum in optional type=numeric default=min(data)

minimum value to use when dividing range into bands

maximum in optional type=numeric default=max(data)

maximum value to use when dividing range into bands

ystyle in optional type=bitmask

YSTYLE keyword to PLOT (YSTYLE=1 is automatically used)

colors in optional type=bytarr(nbands)

colors to use

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to PLOT

File attributes

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