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Creates a dichotomous sparkline as a PNG image file.

Other file information


maybe this should be a function that returns an image array instead of directly creating the PNG; show example; add POSITION keyword and make it just do regular output in direct graphics as well (maybe using a FILENAME keyword to create a file)

top vis_sparkdichotomous

vis_sparkdichotomous, filename, data [, ysize=integer] [, color=bytarr(3) or index] [, background=bytarr(3) or index]

Create a dichotomous sparkline as a PNG image file.


filename in required type=string

filename of PNG file to write

data in required type=lonarr

values can be -1, 0, or +1


ysize in optional type=integer default=12

ysize in pixels of the output image

color in optional type=bytarr(3) or index default=[0, 0, 0] or 0

color of the plot

background in optional type=bytarr(3) or index default=[255, 255, 255] or 255

background color for the plot

File attributes

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