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top vis_sparkline

vis_sparkline, filename, data [, xsize=integer] [, ysize=integer] [, yrange=fltarr(2)] [, color=bytarr(3) or index] [, background=bytarr(3) or index] [, endpoint_color=bytarr(3) or index] [, band_range=fltarr(2)] [, band_color=bytarr(3)]

Writes a sparkline plot to a PNG file.


filename in required type=string

filename of PNG file to write

data in required type=numeric vector

y data to plot


xsize in optional type=integer default=n_elements(data)

xsize in pixels of the output image

ysize in optional type=integer default=12

ysize in pixels of the output image

yrange in optional type=fltarr(2)

range of data; default is the min and max of the data

color in optional type=bytarr(3) or index default=[0, 0, 0] or 0

color of the plot

background in optional type=bytarr(3) or index default=[255, 255, 255] or 255

background color for the plot

endpoint_color in optional type=bytarr(3) or index default=same as color

color of the endpoint of the plot

band_range in optional type=fltarr(2)

[min, max] for band

band_color in optional type=bytarr(3)

color of band

File attributes

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