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direct graphics

includes main-level program

Create a theme river style plot.


See the main-level program at the end of this file:

IDL> .run vis_themeriver
The first example is similar to an error plot:

The second example produces a stacked plot like:

top vis_themeriver

vis_themeriver, x, data, colors [, show_lines=lonarr] [, axis_color=color] [, color=color] [, _extra=keywords]

Create a theme river style plot.


x in required type=fltarr(n)

x-coordinates of data

data in required type=fltarr(nlines, n)

multiple y-coordinates of data values (nlines number of datasets)

colors in required type=bytarr(nlines - 1)

colors of shaded regions between datasets (starting from the bottom)


show_lines in optional type=lonarr

indices of dataset lines in data to overplot

axis_color in optional type=color

color of axis

color in optional type=color

colors of lines

_extra in optional type=keywords

keywords to plot (for axis) and oplot (for dataset lines overplotted)

File attributes

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