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object graphics

includes main-level program

Transforms a point by a transformation matrix.


For example, let's rotate a point 90 degrees about the x-axis. The easiest way to specify the transformation matrix is with an IDLgrModel:

IDL> model = obj_new('IDLgrModel') IDL> model->rotate, [1, 0, 0], 90
Next, use the model created to transform [0, 1, 0]:
IDL> print, vis_transformpoint([0, 1, 0], model) 0.0000000 -3.8285687e-16 1.0000000
This example is included as a main-level program at the end of this file and can be run by typing:
IDL> .run vis_transformpoint

top vis_transformpoint

result = vis_transformpoint(point, ctm)

Transforms a point by a transformation matrix.

Return value



point in required type=fltarr(3)

point in data coordinates

ctm in required type=object or fltarr(4, 4)

either a transformation matrix or an object with a getCTM method

File attributes

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