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system utility

Run POV-Ray on an .ini file and return an image of the result.

top vis_povray

result = vis_povray(basename [, output] [, subset=lonarr(4)] [, format=string] [, cmd=string] [, output=strarr] [, convert_location=string] [, povray_location=string] [, /distributed] [, tile_size=lonarr(2)] [, full_size=lonarr(2)] [, n_procs=long])

Run POV-Ray on an .ini file and return an image of the result.

Return value

bytarr(3, m, n)


basename in required type=string

path and basename to .ini file

output in optional type=string

output basename (must be in same directory as basename)


subset in optional type=lonarr(4)

set POV-Ray to only calculate the subset of the image specified by:

[x0, y0, xsize, ysize]
The returned image will be xsize by ysize and start at [x0, y0]. Rows and columns start at 0, but the origin is at the upper left corner of the image.

format in optional type=string

output format: 'targus' or 'png'

cmd out optional type=string

povray invocation command

output out optional type=strarr

contents of the output log of the povray run

convert_location in optional type=string

full path of the convert command; needed if convert is not in the shell path

povray_location in optional type=string

full path of the povray command; needed if povray is not in the shell path

distributed in optional type=boolean

set to use mpiDL

tile_size in optional type=lonarr(2) default=[100, 100]

set of each tile to be sent to worker nodes when DISTRIBUTED is set

full_size in optional type=lonarr(2)

full size of the output image; used when DISTRIBUTED is set

n_procs in optional type=long default=1L

number of processors to use when DISTRIBUTED is set

File attributes

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