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Defines constants for values of LINESTYLE, PSYM, and [XYZ]STYLE keywords.

This routine defines a system variable !vis which contains constants for the LINESTYLE keyword to direct graphics routines or the LINESTYLE property of object graphics classes:

IDL> help, !vis.linestyle, /structures ** Structure <172b228>, 7 tags, length=14, data length=14, refs=2: SOLID INT 0 DOTTED INT 1 DASHED INT 2 DASHDOT INT 3 DASHDOTDOT INT 4 LONGDASHES INT 5 NOLINE INT 6
Also defined are the constants for the PSYM keyword to the direct graphics routines or the value of the IDLgrSymbol object graphics class:
IDL> help, !vis.psym, /structures ** Structure <1887e08>, 11 tags, length=22, data length=22, refs=2: PLUSSIGN INT 1 ASTERISK INT 2 PERIOD INT 3 DIAMOND INT 4 TRIANGLE INT 5 SQUARE INT 6 X INT 7 USERDEFINED INT 8 GREATERTHAN INT 8 LESSTHAN INT 9 HISTOGRAM INT 10
Also defined are values for the [XYZ]STYLE keyword of the direct graphics routines:
IDL> help, !vis.style, /structures ** Structure <1729be8>, 5 tags, length=10, data length=10, refs=2: EXACT INT 1 EXTEND INT 2 SUPPRESS INT 4 SUPPRESSBOX INT 8 INHIBITYZERO INT 16

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