Tools for command line use of IDL

Directory: ./

Main source directory for the cmdline_tools.

.pro files

Equivalent to UNIX ls command.

Prints basic information about a routine.

Set ANSI escape codes for the given text.

Backspaces a nchars characters.

Convenience wrapper for BREAKPOINT that finds files in !path without having to use a full path specification.

Build the cmdline_tools DLM.

Wrapper for FILE_WHICH, but has an ALL keyword to find all matches.

Print a search path nicely in the output log.

Produce a report for the PROFILER.

Set the IDL path (!path) or DLM path (!dlm_path) given an array of directories.

Prints system information.

Copies a variable or expression to another stack level, e.g., the main-level.

Page the contents of the filename to the screen.

Prints the IDL's current directory to the output log like the UNIX command of the same name.


.dlm files