Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: fileio/

file input/output routines


.pro files

Check a file path to see if it exists.

Determine the data file type and display a simple listing of the contents of the file.

Determines the byte order of the platform running this routine.

Wrapper to create a file object.

Compose and/or decompose a filename.

Pulls out a section of a variable in a file.


Reads a configuration file and returns an MGffOptions object with the results.

Subclass of IDL_Savefile that provides easier to use functionality for examining the contents of a save file.

Determine the type of scientific data format file given by the filename.

Create a temporary filename from a C-style format.

Writes a configuration file.

MG_XML_BROWSER is a widget program to browse the contents of an XML file (either a local file or an URL).

Returns an individual element or attribute's value.

Parses an URL into a structure.

Represents a file.

This class represents a filename (or directory name).

This is the internal storage for configuration file options and their values.
Personal library of Michael Galloy
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