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Unit testing framework for IDL

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top assert

assert, condition [, msg] [, arg1] [, arg2] [, arg3] [, /skip]

Raises an error if the given condition is not met. Uses logical_predicate to determine truth of condition: so zero or null values are false, anything else is true. Be careful of conditions like the following:

assert, not file_test(filename)
This uses the bitwise not operator and therefore this assertation is always false.

ASSERT clears math errors to eliminate messages about math errors in MGUNIT output.


condition in required type=boolean

condition to assert

msg in optional type=string default='Assertion failed'

message to throw if condition is not met

arg1 in optional type=string

first argument for any C format codes in msg

arg2 in optional type=string

second argument for any C format codes in msg

arg3 in optional type=string

third argument for any C format codes in msg


skip in optional type=boolean

set to skip the current test instead of passing or failing


It is typical to check the error in a calculation like the following:

assert, error gt tolerance, 'incorrect result, error = %f', error
It is also useful to check a pre-condition for running a test at the beginning of the test and skip the test if not met:
assert, long((strsplit(!version.release, ',', /extract))[0]) ge 8, $ 'IDL version too old: %s', !version.release, $ /skip

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