mgunit 1.2 API documentation

Unit testing framework for IDL

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mgunit is a unit testing framework modeled on other xUnit testing frameworks. The goal is to allow easy creation and reporting of results of tests, while still allowing for many different testing situations. Simple naming conventions replace formal creation of hierarchies and specification of tests. This allows test suites to be created with a minimum of code beyond the actual code of the tests themselves.

The basic structure of mgunit is that tests are created by subclassing MGutTestCase, tests can be grouped together into suites for convenience by subclassing MGutTestSuite, and tests are run my calling MGUNIT. The ASSERT routine is useful inside a test for making an assertion during the test. The batch file is useful to include in a test when the test is supposed to crash.

See "Using mgunit" in the docs/ directory for more details about using mgunit.



classes and launch/helper routines which comprise mgunit


tools for testing GUI applications

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Michael Galloy


BSD license

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