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includes main-level program

top vis_makect

result = vis_makect(c1 [, c2] [, c3] [, ncolors=long] [, partition=fltarr(m - 1)])

Create a color table based on starting and ending colors (or optionally, a center color) and linearly interpolating.

Return value

bytarr(n, 3)


c1 in required type=bytarr(3) or bytarr(m, 3)

starting color or bytarr(m, 3) of colors; must be bytarr(m, 3) if PARTITION keyword is used

c2 in optional type=bytarr(3)

if two parameters are passed in, this is the ending color; if three parameters are passed in, this is the center color

c3 in optional type=bytarr(3)

ending color


ncolors in optional type=long default=256

number of colors in the color table to create

partition in optional type=fltarr(m - 1)

set to create a color table by interpreting c1 as a bytarr(m, 3) list of colors and the value of PARTITION as a fltarr(k) list of cutoff values between 0.0 and 1.0 (or 0 and 255); there must be one more color than cutoff value provided


See the main-level example program:

IDL> .run vis_makect
It produces:

File attributes

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