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includes main-level program

vis_timeline is a timeline creation routine which creates a PostScript output file from an XML input file.


Try the main-level example program at the end of this file:

IDL> .run vis_timeline
This should produce a timeline; below is a small section of it:

Class description for vis_timelineactivity


start get set
report get set
name get set
value get set
graph get set
color get set
level get set

Class description for vis_timelineinterval


name get set
color get set
end_date get set
level get set
start_date get set

Class description for vis_timelineevent


color get set
date get set
text get set
level get set

Class description for vis_timeline



ticks get
mark_now get
activities get
_extra init
now_color get
intervals get
end_date get
events get
start_date get

top vis_timeline

vis_timeline, filename, outputFilename

Create a timeline from the given input file.


filename in required type=string

input XML file

outputFilename in required type=string

name of PostScript output file

File attributes

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