Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: vis/directgraphics/

helper routines for direct graphics


.pro files

Produce a colorbar in direct graphics.

Wrapper for CONTOUR that handles the NLEVELS keyword better: if LEVELS is not specified then NLEVELS contour levels are created equally spaced between the minimum and maximum values of z.

Set the decomposed mode, if available in the current graphics device i.e.

Create a legend in direct graphics plots.

Parallel coordinates implementation.

Set IDL direct graphics system to PostScript plotting.

Used in conjunction with MG_PSBEGIN to end PostScript output.

Reads from the current graphics device (WIN, X, or Z devices) and returns the image in the TRUE format specified.

Sets the direct graphics device to the "display", i.e., 'X' on Unix-based systems or 'WIN' on Windows systems.

Create a transparent box on a graphic.

Creates a user-defined symbol for use in plotting in direct graphics via routines that accept the PSYM graphics keyword.

Creates a "window" of the given size on the current device.

Object to save/restore direct graphics system variables.

Personal library of Michael Galloy
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