Personal IDL library for M. Galloy

Directory: vis/povray/

routines to create POV-Ray renderings of data in IDL


.pro files

Run POV-Ray on an .ini file and return an image of the result.

GUI for manipulating a scene, including rotating, translating, and scaling a model within it, then drawing the scene to POV-Ray input files.

This class is a POV-Ray object graphics destination.

Attribute class for MGgrPOVRayPolygons representing the surface properties of objects.

A grid represents a plane with a grid pattern on it.

Any IDL type of light source plus the POV-Ray area light.

A MGgrPOVRayPolygon represents a polygon with POV-Ray specific attributes like the finish attribute class.

Represents a polyline in 3-dimensions by a series of cones.

Controls top-level properties of the POV-Ray scene like focal blur.

Destination class graphics window like IDLgrWindow that uses POVRay to render the graphics.

.idldoc files

POV-Ray overview
Personal library of Michael Galloy
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